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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 28, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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and windchills in the single digits. we'll come back, we'll talk more, maybe you can, well, maybe they will see the snowfall map, but not with numbers. maybe i'll do that coming up. >> thank you, topper, i appreciate it. well, we've got a celebration tonight in fairfax county. a celebration of heros. the county's urban search and rescue team is back from haiti. and while they were there, they saved the lives of 16 people, pulling them from the rubble, literally. our own, surae chinn, is live at the hero's homecoming. surae? >> reporter: derek, they just got out of their briefing moments ago. they all look tired and refreshed all at the same time. their loved ones beaming with excitement. the rumble of the hero's homecoming. the waiting, the excitement. the curtain calls finally came for the 114 men and women of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team returning home. >> hey, you get me, i get you.
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>> reporter: the cheers, smiling faces, oh, and lots of hugs and kisses. it may have only been 15 days away from home, but it felt like an eternity for loved ones and the heros who saved lives in haiti. i'm here with sam porter and his family. how are you doing? >> great to be home. doing good. >> reporter: cindy, how does he look? >> he looks good. he looks a little rested, more rested than i thought he was going to be. >> reporter: sam, a life-changing experience in those 15 days. >> yes, it was. just seeing the devastation and being able to help the people of haiti was, you know, nothing i'll ever forget. and i'm glad i was on the team and able to go and do that. >> reporter: thank you, sam and the family. we'll talk to you more later. we can't possibly know all the stories in their minds. the miracle they took part in and the tragedies they witnessed, but of course, all have been changed from this experience, derek? >> all right, surae chinn, we
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want to say welcome home to the heros from the urban search and rescue team. now, we get to the other top stories tonight. college costs, reviews of the president's proposed tuition tax break. plus, metro's money mess. to clean it up, it's going to cost you. and a teen tragedy. an 18-year-old is shot and killed in the very area in which his late father is honored. >> reporter: where a visual is being held for the 18-year-old son of a neighborhood legend who was murdered during a robbery attempt -- attempt on wednesday night. >> reporter: alvin woodland was shot at least seven times. my little brother was out there for the first bid for them today. >> reporter: the high school student was the son of calvin woodland senior. and an activist who devoted his life to helping troubled kids. >> he was a legend of the
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neighborhood. he was the household names, everybody knew mr. woodland to see his own son get gunned down by the balance is just somatic. >> reporter: time to stock up on dimes. this is bruce leshan. metro fares are going up 10 cents in march. the metro board voted unanimously for the increase. saying the alternative was cutting service. and more than half the public thinks cutting service is a terrible idea. >> i think they are going to end up doing both. >> out of service and raising fares? >> they will get it both. >> reporter: they have a $40 million in the metro's budget just for the last five months. next year, the estimates are even worse. a $189 shortfall. that could mean more fare increases and service cuts. i'm scott broom at prince george's community college where a lot of students
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and families are trying to do the math on president obama's proposed college loan reforms. 18-year-old katrina fernandez left high school with straight a's. she's a 4.0 here at prince george's community college. >> i don't think my parents could afford that four-year tuition, so i'm staying here for another year. >> we have seen a major increase in the prince george's community college. >> reporter: that's the dean who said student numbers are up as high as 15%. >> reporter: in his state of the union, president barack obama, called for college loan reforms. and it is happening as maryland is prepared to unfreeze tuition at state universities. after holding the line for four years, up 3%. and to move on, loans, they say students like katrina seem out of the question. >> i really don't want to take the loans. my mom reminds me all the time. i hope you're looking for scholarships. if you don't, you need to take out the loans. >> we thank you for that.
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they sure like the president's plan to help with the college. but right now, he's focused on helping kids get out of high school first. lindsey mastis with that story from manassas. >> we need to get our kids through high school. >> reporter: running the successful construction company,. >> i have done over $15 million in business from day one. i feel like i have been able to accomplish everything, but it hasn't been easy. >> reporter: that's because he never graduated high school. >> it kind of held me back, i guess, in groups. >> reporter: three years ago, he participated in a program called race to g.e.d. in prince william's county. now, he's established a $1,000 scholarship. >> what we're used to seeing is middle age workers who no longer have a job. in order to get another job, they need to get that high school credential. >> reporter: tests cost $45. the classes are another $150. they have already
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helped several people including peter. >> it's very important to have an education. i always want to go to college. >> reporter: now, he's going to northern virginia community college. >> thank you so much, god bless you for what you're doing. >> reporter: kaukins posts information on his construction van. >> really, it's a life-changing thing for me. it's giving me a whole new level of confidence that i never had before. >> reporter: in ma nasa -- in manassas, i'm lindsey mastis, >> he plans to give that so alreadyship for the rest -- scholarship for the rest of his life. for other information, go to our website on president obama also renewed his call for an end to the don't ask, don't tell policy last night. as you may know, don't ask don't tell bars gays and lesbians from joining the military. giving some applause from the gay activists, but not from some republican lawmakers. and today, senator john mccain said repealing the policy would
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be a mistake. he said the country has the best thing in the military. and in essence, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. what do you think? does the don't ask, don't tell policy need fixing? back in 1993, it was seen as the decent compromise, but that was 17 years ago. is it now time to allow gays and lesbians to serve without restrictions? or does the military mission require impending on the rights to protect all of us? please, don't forget to include your name and where you're calling us from. a judge in kansas is just issuing a key ruling in the case involving the murder of a doctor who performed abortions. the judge says they cannot consider a lesser charge of manslaughter for the man who is charged with murder. he is scott roeder. hoping to convince that under the state law, he was justified
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in using deadly force. but the judge has rejected that argument. take a close leer at your -- take a closer look at your television screen. this is tamika allen and she's missing. she was last seen in rockville this morning. phopbt gone recounty -- montgomery county police are concerned of her welfare because of her age and she has medical conditions. until recently, she lived with relatives on alabama avenue in southeast dc. coming your way in minutes, panda -- pandamonium. we'll be back in less than two minutes.
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good news as we make our way, nothing blocking anything. we're still seeing the traffic on the inner loop. drivers will take about half an hour to go out there all the way to new hampshire avenue right now. right now, let's go over to the bridge where we have some community alerts to tell you about that was suppose to be shut down this weekend for the construction. for those two weekends in february, either articlington
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or the pedestrians as well. >> thank you. enough creditors, calling that you just want to get out of debt where you might find yourself in worse shape. like the consumer federation of america, they recommend that you work out directly with your own creditors. they may give you late charges. and contact the nonprofit credit service for more advice. where we have links to them on their website on keep it right here, we'll be back with that forecast right after the break.
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orderly chaos with the long dose of love. after the arrival for them. the 3-year-old little girl from haiti that now has a family and
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a place to call home. as peg peg reports -- peggy fox reports, they will have to come home. >> reporter: raising three children is not going to get easy. >> she plays with us a lot, she's very silly. a little stubborn that she has a toy that she wants. and some of that could be ugly. >> reporter: they have been trying to adopt her since she was an infant at an orphanage at port-au-prince. because of the birth certificate being missing, they held her up. then the earthquake struck. >> it's an amazing moment. there has been such blessings, not just for us, but for thefplt >> reporter: thanks to the easing of the u.s. policy, she was able to join her new family, including brothers, matthis, and jonas. >> reporter: they have become interested in adopting a child from haiti because of christy's mother who worked as a
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missionary in haiti in two years. >> i only know she was abandoned. so probably, including to take one more child and to leave her where she knew she would get a good, had a good chance at a better life. >> reporter: they have no worries that her little girl will be able to handle herself around the two brothersment the only worry now -- brothers, the only worry now is for the children that need to wait longer for the new haitian governments. >> it's a terrible tragic situation that these kids, they could be significantly better. but the government stepped in. the haitian government, they have stepped in to slow things down. >> reporter: in frederick, peggy fox, 9news now and and they certainly want to encourage others to adopt the children from haiti. go to for discussions on adoption. this is kind of sad. we have to say good-bye to one of washington's favorite sons, tai shan, over the national
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zoo, the big panda, a big boy now as well. zoo keepers have watched him grow up. remember, he was born back in '05. fedex is building a custom made steel crate for tai and another female panda named mei lan who is in atlanta right now. for the 14.5 hour flight to china, that happens next thursday. still, its fans love him and don't want him to go. >> yeah, it will be sad to see him go. it'd be nice to see him, trade for eagles or something, you know, isn't there something that they would like to keep him and breed him here. but rules are the rules. >> reporter: indeed they are. a public farewell party for tai shan is scheduled for this saturday. if it snows, we'll talk about that, it'll move to sunday. well there you go. so topper, will they need to move the party for tai shan? >> it will be drawing the snowfall accumulation for what, seven days now? >> yeah, there you go. >> the storm is 2,000 miles away. we'll show you a map of what
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we'll think will -- what we think will happen. the high of 54 today, a distant memory. here is your forecast first. the next three days, we'll be lucky to make that 32 tomorrow. snow on saturday. more to the south. and less to the north. 26. and then on sunday, sunshine, but the temperatures are only in the upper 20s. that's with the full son. tonight, clear skies, breezy. much colder. lows 18 to 24. winds will calm down a little bit, northwesterly at 10 to 15. a little higher than that until about midnight. lows tonight, wow. we're talking about teens. 18 at great falls. 19 at tyson. and even in the teens, out to the east, they are at 18. upper marlboro, 18. now, tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy, very cold. temperatures in the teens in the 20s. winds are northwesterly at about 10 to 15. so now, there will be a windchill in the morning for them and the high school kids in the single digits. by the afternoon, partly colder, sunny. highs only around 32. winds are northwesterly at 10. we lose a quick 22 degrees for them tomorrow. all right, derek, paying
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attention? well, here we go. are you ready? now, i don't know if you can read this or not. but this says hammer time. this area right here, we're going to get hammered. talking about 12 to 16 inches for them from raleigh to knoxville, even out there. now, i think just north of that, there will be some significant snow that includes our folks in southern maryland and in the northern area of the significant snow here, north of about charles county. the flakes, the minor accumulation. the further you go up to the border, the less chance of seeing anything. so there you go. are you happy now? >> okay, good. he's happy. that's good. all right, satellite picture, radar combined. here's the storm, still out in texas. and look at the thunderstorms, they are going through that dallas ft. worth area. on the backside of the storm, they may turn to snow as well. winter storm warning through arkansas, through tennessee, and through north carolina. right along i-40. this is essentially an i-40 storm. although we're going to watch exactly how far north it kicks out. that will be key. arctic front, they
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went blasting through today. pretty good snow showers for them developing into northern new jersey and new england. and everything i missed with the arctic air that is on the way. the next seven days. 32 tomorrow. some snow on saturday, 26. 29 on sunday. and temperatures, they are going up a little bit. back in the upper 30s on monday. and 40 on tuesday. a chance of another system on tuesday with a mix of the late tuesday or tuesday night. then we're back in the low 40s on wednesday and thursday with the sunshine. and that quite frankly is average. >> okay, so dc zoo, will they need to move tai shan? >> it depends, if it shows an inch, will they move it? i don't know. let's get to the weird news file. as they make a long flight out there. or maybe even cramming your six foot plus frame into a seat more suitable for tiny tim. but how about lizards in your underwear? two wellington, new zealand, where they stuffed 44 geikos. before boarding a flight. why would he do such a thing?
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the lizard man was a smuggler. they are worth about $2800 on the streets. the only reason why we know about this, he was busted. and probably more looking really unconsideratable. well now, he needs to serve 14 weeks in jail and pay a $3,000 fine. then an all-expense paid back to germany being called deported. -z we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to 9news now will be right back.
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not a fan from fredericksburg. not once did he say anything close to the state of our union is, fill in the blank. he said, i, me, or my over 100
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times. he's been in office for over a year now. when is he going to stop talking about the mess that he got? things are worse now when he took over. i would have liked to hear the following 13 words at the ebd of his -- end of his speech, effective noon tomorrow. i resign as the office of president of the united states. okay. like i said, not a fan. but michelle in virginia says, things, they were terrible when he took office. ignoring that just isn't fair. it took g.w. bush eight years to get us to the sorry state when we were in when president barack obama was elected. it's foolish to expect that he could correct all of our problems in just 12 months. let's be realistic and not so critical and judgmental of a job most of us would never want to have. and then the recall. the gas pedals have turned into a very sticky problem for the world's largest auto maker. but dave from woodbridge, virginia says, we the media could have handled the story a
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bit better. what has not been offered is what the public could do if the problem happens to them. and the people, they should know, the cause, it can bring the vehicle to a stop by shifting the automatic transmission into neutral. or depressing the clutch on the manual transmission. and then applying the brakes. once the vehicle exploded or stopped, to turn off the ignition. well, dave, actually, our own, surae chinn, did that exact same story for our 11 p.m. news last night and we ran it again today at our 5 p.m. show. you can see it online for yourself on afterall, we aim to please. all you have to do to please us is drop a line to the mail bag. the address is topper has a quick look back at what we can expect to look forward. >> tomorrow will be somewhat cold. that's the sunshine. it'll be dry tomorrow and tomorrow night if you have plans, we are going to get some snow on saturday. heavier amounts to that south bitterly cold on saturday and sunday. and some breaks on it on monday and tuesday. another system tries to get us
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out there on tuesday night. again, when we say south, those counties, that area out there and if you do not try to drive down i-95 tomorrow to richmond, to greensburg or raleigh on saturday. >> all right, thank you, sir. that's our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11 with anita brikman, don't forget, to log on any time to we'll see you later. thanks for coming back out. sure.
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the emotional final good-bye to her father. what you haven't heard. >> i have every funeral detail from inside the church. >> the "e.t. investigation" into his death as nancy's former sister-in-law goes on the record. the abuse she suffered at the hands of nancy's brother. >> he threw me in the bedroom and he choked me. do you feel any personal responsibility for conan's disappointment? >> oprah grills jay. who does he blame for the late-night war. >> it broke my heart. tv's handsome doctor saving lives in haiti. his heartbreaking mission of mercy. family night on the red carpet. fergie and josh escorting their moms. don johnson with his daughter. plus, two movie exclusives. >> greed is good. >> gordon gekko is back. with shia labeouf in "wall
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